Anonymous asked:

Oh you adorable little cumwhore... I'd love to hurt you and ruin you and degrade you in so many ways. I want to make sure you can only forget what you are for long enough that you feel sickened and ashamed when you're reminded of it

Thanks. I think? Lol. Although that sounds so appealing, I really do have a life and I’m a generally good person. I have feelings. I am a whore, slut, pig, all of these things, but I am also a little and a submissive at heart. Respect that I can have actual conversations lol.
This isn’t just towards you, but to everyone.

  • Him: let's get in bed please my little sick kitten...
  • Me: please don't make me a burrito *pleading eyes*
  • Him: Okay baby just lay still so I can tuck you in... *moves the blankets around me*
  • Me: please pleeeeeeease don't make me a burrito! *pouty face*
  • Him: okay okay! *finishes making me into a blanket burrito* there! What an amazing kitten burrito I've made!
  • Him: that my sweet is the entire point of the blanket burrito... Now I don't have to worry about you trying to get out of nap time! I will be right here reading if you need me.
  • Me: *squirms* no no no no no! NO! No naps!*squirming slows down* I don't need a nap even if it's cozy! *sleepily* burritos don't even sleep anyways, sometimes they dance outside of the food place but they don't sleep! *yawns* I'm so mad at you Daddy.... Naps are for babies... *falls asleep*
  • Him: Finally...

Anonymous asked:

Do you like to slap wommen in face and why? I would feel awful if my dom/bf hit me. Like i can like a slap anywhere but the face is just not in it.

her-master answered:

Interesting question: Do I like to slap women in the face? Well, as a general rule, no, but in a BDSM setting, it can be very effective. Why? Because it is so wrong, and society teaches us it is so wrong. Say a girl is a bit slow… having a bit of trouble focusing… or I just want to get her attention… a swift slap to the face is remarkably effective. Now, for some girls it would be an “absolutely not”, but, in the right time and place, yes… sometimes it is exactly what is needed.